Home Cleaning and Maid Services for Alaqua Lakes, FL.

Sanford Home Cleaning offers professional maid services, apartment or home move out cleaning, house cleaning services and other housekeeping services to customers in the Central Florida area, especially in Alaqua Lakes, FL. area.

A common housekeeping service or maid service cleaning request in the area is clean up after moved out.  For some customers, our move out cleaning addresses areas such as behind stove, on top of refrigerators, and even attic cleanouts.  Further, we have had clients request for us to clean up after their move out “parties”.  We guess that some people get excited about moving or is it finishing the moving process.  Regardless, our house cleaners are ready to meet your individual needs for cleaning services.

Home Cleaning

Life is demanding.  Sometimes, we feel as if we have no options.  But, with your home cleaning, Sanford Cleaning cleans it the way you want!  You have 100% control!   Now, we do offer standard packages for cleaning.  However, these packages can be customized to suit your individual taste and needs.

Maid Services

Our weekly, monthly or 'on call' maid service is the perfect selection for customers wishing to keep their home clean, but are on a tight budget.  For our maid services, we may help with mopping, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and much more.

Move Out Cleaning

Just finished packing up your belonging and ready for a "new start" in your new home?  Holdup... you still need to clean up your old place.  This may include oven cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and moving your refrigerator and stove to clean under them.  Or... Just contact us.  We would be delighted to professionally clean your home upon move out.  Just give us a call!

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Popular Reasons to Hire a Home Cleaning Service in Alaqua Lakes, FL.

Hiring our home cleaning services is an easy decision for clients in the Alaqua Lakes, Fl. area.  For example, some homeowners prefer to clean out their refrigerator on a quarterly basis.  Our rather, some of our clients prefer to have us clean out the refrigerator for them on a quarterly basis.  When we do this, often times, we work with the homeowner to determine which items they prefer to keep.  All other items are then discarded.  Further, we also will scrub and disinfect the refrigerator while all items are removed.  In the end, this process not only ensures a clean refrigerator but also high quality foods are left as a result.

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