Home Cleaning and Maid Services for Longwood, FL.

Sanford Home Cleaning offers professional maid services, house cleaning services and other housekeeping services to customers in the Central Florida area, especially in Longwood, FL. area.

A common housekeeping service or maid service cleaning request in the area is for laundry services.  Our housekeeping and home cleaning services may include limited laundry service.  For example, if a customer has a stack of clothes, that they identify as clean, in an easily accessible location, will obviously delighted to fold in sort the close.  Further, we have also been known to start wash for our clients.  Just make sure to give us a heads up as to how we can best service in this area.

Home Cleaning

Life is demanding.  Sometimes, we feel as if we have no options.  But, with your home cleaning, Sanford Cleaning cleans it the way you want!  You have 100% control!   Now, we do offer standard packages for cleaning.  However, these packages can be customized to suit your individual taste and needs.

Maid Services

Our weekly, monthly or 'on call' maid service is the perfect selection for customers wishing to keep their home clean, but are on a tight budget.  For our maid services, we may help with mopping, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and much more.

Small Home Repairs

Broken door knob?  Need the yard mowed? Carpets need cleaning?  We also have a handyman on staff who can complete most small home repairs at an affordable price!

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Popular Reasons to Hire a Home Cleaning Service in Longwood, FL.

Reason 1:

Our cleaning services includes helping businesses and residents of Longwood, Florida.  A popular request from residents in this area includes vacuuming and more vacuuming.

In the last 10 to 15 years, homebuilders have been installing title flooring in newly built homes more and more.  However, older homes still contain significant amounts of carpet.  With a lot of carpet comes a lot of vacuuming.  Needless to say, vacuuming a little is not too bad on the back.  However, vacuuming a lot can be murder on your lower back.  From this, allow our cleaning staff to take care of this backbreaking work for you.  Save throwing out your back for with the kids.

Common Repairs Done by our Handyman in Longwood, FL.

Our handyman services also include repairing and replacing tile or grout.  Some homeowners have chipped tiles or missing grout throughout their home.  Replacing one tile or a piece of grout is just not a big enough job to call out a handyman.  Further, without experience in setting and repairing tile, fixing this problem is also outside of a homeowners or business owners reach, especially in the Longwood area.  From this, just contact our cleaning company and not only will we help with cleaning your home but we can also assist in repairing minor items, such as title or grout.

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