Maid Services for Longwood, FL.

Sanford Home Cleaning specializes is offering maid services to residents in the Longwood, FL. area.  Our maid services often include moping, dusting, vacuuming, bathroom and kitchen cleaning and so much more!  We offer maid services on a weekly, monthly and “on call” basis.  Being a licensed, insured and member of the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce company, we are often asked to pick up and drop off laundry.  This action does incur additional costs.  However, we are actually delighted to pick up laundry as we are heading to your facility.  Further, we would have no issue with dropping off clothing for dry cleaning at a convenient location.  However, these services to incur additional costs.  Just make sure to contact us and would be delighted to discuss this opportunity with you.

Longwood, FL. Choices for Maid Service.

Weekly Maid Servcies For Longwood, FL.

Our weekly maid service for customers in the area may be customized to fit your cleaning needs.  Usually, our maid services includes dusting, mopping, bathrooms and counter tops.

Monthly Maid Services

Our monthly maid service is the perfect selection for customers wishing to keep their home clean, but are on a tight budget.  For our monthly service, we still do all of the same maid services as the weekly, but on a less frequent basis.

One Time Maid Services

Sick of looking at your dirty floors and counters?  But cannot afford a weekly or monthly maid service?  Not a problem.  We can do a one-time maid service or on a "at-need" basis.  Just let us know.  We would love to work with you!

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Popular Reasons to Hire a Maid Service in Longwood, FL.

Obviously, the main reason people hire a maid service is to have their home or apartment cleaned.  However, surprising, we get calls all the time different reasons.  For example, some clients have asked us to watch their pets while away.  The service, again, is an additional fee.  However, through multiple visits to a home, our maid service professionals to become familiar and friendly with pets.  Because of this, we would be delighted to help in any way possible to make your pets comfortable while you are away.  Just give us a call and would be delighted to work out an arrangement with you.

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