Home Cleaning and Maid Services for Orange City, FL.

Sanford Cleaning offers professional maid services, house cleaning services and other housekeeping services to customers in the Central Florida area, especially in Orange City, FL. area.

A common housekeeping service or maid service cleaning request in the area is wall cleaning.  Surprisingly, our clients often request specialized services, such as wall cleaning.  For example, homes with children often are little bit more untidy as compared to older folks.  Further, walls tend to be a little bit more worn.  From this, as part of our maid service, we may be able to include, for an additional price, paint touchup for interior walls.  I mean, most people do not want to call a handy man out for a little bit of paint.

Home Cleaning

Life is demanding.  Sometimes, we feel as if we have no options.  But, with your home cleaning, Sanford Cleaning cleans it the way you want!  You have 100% control!   Now, we do offer standard packages for cleaning.  However, these packages can be customized to suit your individual taste and needs.

Maid Services

Our weekly, monthly or 'on call' maid service is the perfect selection for customers wishing to keep their home clean, but are on a tight budget.  For our maid services, we may help with mopping, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and much more.

Small Home Repairs

Broken door knob?  Need the yard mowed? Carpets need cleaning?  We also have a handyman on staff who can complete most small home repairs at an affordable price!

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Popular Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service in Orange City, FL.

By far, our cleaners mostly focus on residential homes and apartments, especially in the Orange City, FL. area. However, we do offer office cleaning as well.  Our office cleaning services may include light dusting, mopping floors, vacuuming carpeted areas, removing trash and window cleaning.  Regardless of your office cleaning needs, make sure to contact us for a specialized quote.

A second reason to hire our cleaning staff would be related to scheduling.  Some homeowners work during the day.  Because of this, our cleaning staff may accommodate homeowners and offer evening or weekend cleaning services.  This will ensure that homeowners are near to provide guidance for cleaning if needed.

Common Repairs Done by our Handyman in Orange City, FL.

In our beautiful sunny Florida weather, we often enjoy trips to the beach or theme parks.  Other things I like to exploit our Florida weather is our lawn.  Oh, my does our lawn like to grow and grow.  This leads to homeowners needing to decide whether they are going to cut their lawn or spend time at the theme parks.  In our opinion, go to the theme park and leave your lawn care needs to our handyman.  Our handyman has worked with numerous residences in the Orange City, FL.  area for lawn maintenance and other home care needs.

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