Winter Cleaning in Sanford, FL.

Season changes in Florida is almost a foreign concept to most native citizens.  However, the cooling of the weather in Florida, especially in Sanford, Florida, allows for homeowners and renters to do some routine cleaning on their homes that is often not possible during our crazy hot summers.  In following, is some ideas as to what should be playing during our beautiful winter months.

Cleaning Chore 1: Gutters

Most of us do not realize the crazy things that grow in our gutters if they are not properly maintained.  As a professional home cleaner and handyman, I have found dead animals, growing plants and, surprisingly, plastic bottles when cleaning gutters.  From this, I cannot stress this enough, make sure to clean your gutters on an annual basis.  At the very least, this section will get rid of your dead animal smell.

Cleaning Chore 2: Clean behind appliances.

When was the last time you moved your refrigerator?  For most people, this practice is reserved for when we are either moving out of a place or replacing an appliance.  However, this ritual should not be enjoyed only during appliance replacement time.  By cleaning behind large appliances, homeowners can get rid of nasty odors, delightful treats for ants/roaches and scanner unsightly spiders from their homes.  In other words, cleaning behind your large appliances may get rid of your bug problem.

Cleaning Chore 3: The Garage.

The final resting place of most unwanted or unneeded things is our garage.  As the unwanted and unloved items accumulate in this unsightly place, the urge to clean it gradually diminishes.  Further, the more time we spend outside, in the summer months, the less time or motivation we have to clean the garage.  From this, break up the sweater and get that garage cleanup in the cooler weather.  Not only may you get rid of the unwanted items by you can also ensure that the task is accomplished before the beautiful weather sets in.


Routine cleaning is often not something we relish or even do on a routine basis.  However, by doing routine cleaning, we can avoid safe places for rodents and bugs, get rid of unwanted items and take care of outside cleaning that is not possible during the summer months.  If these tasks sends shivers down your spine, make sure to contact our professionals today for cleaning and handyman work.

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Date: 1/11/2019